Ghosts of Hollywood

Welcome to “Out of the Past” Tours! 

This endeavor was created due to my love of Hollywood history and the sheer enjoyment that I get from sharing that with other people.  My parents are both very passionate about the past, so I spent many summers of my childhood visiting historic sites all over Texas and the Deep South.  Hearing about history in a classroom at school was boring to me, but being out in the field where it really happened was exciting. It was a better way for me to learn.  I remember seeing reenactors dressed in historic clothing at numerous battle sites and being utterly enthralled.  It was history brought magically to life.  It was vibrant, real and exciting.  I hope to make Hollywood history that enchanting and real for those who take my tours!

Stay tuned for future posts about interesting sites, facts and hidden gems about Los Angeles.

In the meantime, take a look at this YouTube video below.  This short called “Ghosts of Hollywood” was made in 1930 and shows how rapidly the film industry was changing.  “Out with the old and in with the new” was very much a motto in this town from the beginning.  This film is a haunting and rare glimpse into a world which I wish still existed!  Enjoy!

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